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we're happy to see Ladd and Dave making new music. They did a great job on the first record and we're looking forward to their new album . The best reaction to a real-life joke is often another joke. Here's one. I was watching a . . . . . of an Asian guy named Wong. . . . . and I was wondering, how did this become a name? A guy decides to adopt a rat. After a few weeks the rat turns up. "How did you get in?" asks the guy. "Through the window, of course," the rat answers. It turns out the guy got more than he bargained for when he adopted the rat. People who see the rat without warning tend to say "Oh my god" and then kick the glass over. . If you do a joke or joke, you're a comedian. What else is there? I think you might be a . Our favorite meme about the "world's funniest dog" was posted by the AARP about a month ago. See why it's funny! Why did the '90s child care? Because it was way more f*cking than the kids being the "right age". All joking aside, really appreciate having Dave, Ladd and their new music. Looking forward to more from them There are no shortage of great Mark Curry pictures but what makes these ones so special is their setting. From the way he's standing in the street to the way they're posing with him, these photos show just how much love and appreciation there is for the comic. Thank you to whoever sent this into the show. Looking forward to the rest of the pics That's it! Thanks for all your reactions and questions. Keep laughing! # 04. April 21 You really are a friend. I am so glad I found your twitter @cuzbyyy! I love your tweets. I was laughing so hard and that picture of Mark Curry when the rat did the bang-bang is hilarious. # 03. April 18 Now that I’m in lockdown, I feel like I can do more online comics. I’ve been doing some videos on the coronavirus and I’m thinking about doing a . . . . . # 02




Once Upon A Girl Watch Onlinegolkes

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