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A: As i'm sure you know this is an old version but since you are here.. Try Google Drive.. It's as simple as that, just type in the subject you want and drag the link of your google docs into your doc and it will open up your new document.. Q: How to open Folder How to open the path with / or any other way like /myfile def open_folder_by_path(path) puts "path = #{path}" app.launcher.launch_file_from_path(path) end A: You can use the launch_item api to do this. Example: launch_item(path) Tedford to be first visiting head coach of the Ducks University of Oregon football coach Chip Kelly will be the first to visit the Los Angeles campus in search of a new head coach. Kelly's office will make the trip to Southern California to meet with Ducks officials next Monday, according to a person familiar with the visit. Kelly had previously sent his son Jay as a scout to learn the Ducks' program. Kelly has worked on television broadcasts for ESPN and NFL Network as an analyst, and has run Kelly's QB Camp. He has coached the Philadelphia Eagles, University of New Hampshire, and Oregon. Kelly is 44-19 in four seasons with the Ducks and has never been to the Rose Bowl. Ducks athletic director Mike Bellotti will be the first to get to L.A. on Sunday to meet with Saban and Trojans officials. Saban, who won 10 national titles as a Saban at LSU, also has interest in the Oregon job. He has met with Lane Kiffin, Saban's offensive coordinator at Southern California, and coach Mike Stoops, Saban's former offensive coordinator at Oklahoma. Kiffin is the favorite to replace Lane. Both Saban and Kiffin are recruiting Ducks quarterback Jeff Lockie, a current Oregon graduate transfer who will play for USC this year.Beth B Boston, MA Hi everyone. I’m Beth and I am a stand up comedian, teacher, and you-know-what. I write, create content, manage content, produce content, make videos, teach comedy, perform comedy,

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